The Advantages of Enterprise

Besides being the same monthly price as Helios 11, there are so many different advantages of being on  V12 Enterprise. Take a look at what all is offered and make sure you aren't missing out on any of the perks of upgrading. 


Remote Management
Now with the new back office, managing your salon has never been easier. As long as you have internet access you are able to login to back office and have all functionality as you would from the salon with the exception of running transaction. Check in on your store(s) from home, the office or even the corner coffee shop. 

EMV Compliant
With the new EMV implementations, you want to make sure you are covered from being held liable for fraud on your customer's cards. Along with the new card readers, Enterprise provides the correct tokenization to help protect your customers and keep yourself up to compliance. 

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New Sunshine Marketing Hub Integration

The Marketing Hub includes a professionally done, mobile ready Website as well as email and text and a Social Media Manager.  The Hub integrates with Helios 12 Enterprise allowing for automated messaging and campaigns.

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Transworld Integration

Helios has partnered with Transworld Systems to help salons improve their cash flow and reduce effort, time, and money chasing customers. Version 12 Enterprise provides an interface with Transworld Systems to alleviate the headache of managing the communication and resolution of your EFT declines. 

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CashBack Integration

Helios has partnered with CashBack Bankcard Processing to offer unparalleled integration of Point of Sale, EFT and online payment processing applications.

With over 20 years of industry-leading innovation and experience into an intuitive yet powerful employee-facing interface, Helios seamlessly interchanges information collected at the point of sale into a real-time merchant processing solution that is faster, easier more reliable and more secure than traditional offline POS terminals.

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CashBack and Helios are now offering the “CashBack Payment Card Updater” to all Helios customers. This feature has been totally integrated into the Helios software and can be enabled instantly. The updater is a special product that automatically refreshes your customer’s payment card information should their card data be lost, stolen or expired. By updating this information your business can continue to get the payments it rightfully deserves each and every month.
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Additional Features 


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