CashBack Payment Card Updater
CashBack and Helios are now offering the “CashBack Payment Card Updater” to all Helios customers. This feature has been totally integrated into the Helios software and can be enabled instantly. The updater is a special product that automatically refreshes your customer’s payment card information should their card data be lost, stolen or expired. By updating this information your business can continue to get the payments it rightfully deserves each and every month.
Benefits to Salons
This feature runs every month to ensure the payment information that you have from your customers is valid and up-to-date. This product was designed to keep your customers paying on time and to help prevent loses on your monthly membership charges. This feature will also allow you to increase the total amount of revenue you’re collecting each month by successfully charging more cards. Another value add, is you will no longer need to track down customers to get their new payment information, this product will update this information automatically and sync to the Helios software.

Helios Payment Processing Integration

If you’re considering running the Helios software, we want you to understand that we have a fully integrated system, including high tech payment processing. We would like to introduce you to CashBack. Helios has worked with CashBack over the last 3 years and we have integrated the CashBack payment platform into the Helios software!

Why would Helios want to integrate?

There are many features in the software that would be enabled once you create a Cashback account. CashBack will provide you with a seamless integration that utilizes your existing processing equipment and needs. Moving forward with CashBack will also ensure that you're getting a competitive processing rate, cash back on every transaction and that your credit card data is safe, secure, and encrypted. You can seamlessly integrate with CashBack by calling 888-442-3939 or you can call Helios directly at 888-936-5160.

What does integration mean to your business?

• Encrypted EFT Data
• Encrypted Credit Card Data
• Securely Process your Payments
• Take Advantage of the Helios Negotiated Rate
• Credit Card Processing within Helios Software
• Funds Available within 48 hours
• Seamless Migration
• Run your EFT'S from the Helios Software
• PCI Compliance
• Integrated Gift Cards
• Customer Loyalty Program
• Monthly CashBack on all Transactions
• Opportunity to Eliminate your Processing Fee's
• Responsive Customer Service

Updater Program Pricing
The pricing model is very simple and affordable. CashBack and Helios are offering this service for a flat $10.00 per month and $2.00 for every card that gets updated.

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Did you know?

Helios is offering bundling pricing for all of our services, Helios, and New Sunshine Marketing Hub!
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