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Barcode Scanner
My self-summary:  I'm pretty standalone, but I do rely on a close 
network to get anything done.  I can be a little aloof at first, but literally light up when someone gets close.
What I’m doing with my life:  I'm one of those that can usually be
found at work.  When not working, I am pretty social, wiling to be picked up by anyone. 
I’m really good at:  Can read two languages fluently.  Really good at
data entry.  I bet I can enter information faster than you!
You should message me if:  you too are tired of hearing "oh, no
scan?  it must be free!"
Thumbprint Scanner
My self-summary:  I'm new to this whole thing, and trying to find
someone for me.  It's a little disconcerting, as amongst my friends, I am great at playing matchmaker.  They can bring me almost anyone, and I know if they will match. 
What I’m doing with my life:  I'm really social.  At work or on my
own, I love meeting new people!  Love just hanging out.
I’m really good at:  I'm hands on when it comes to getting things
done.  I also remember everyone once we've been properly introduced. 
I spend a lot of time thinking about:  The small print.

Electronic Signature Pad
My self-summary:  I'm that friend that's ready for you whenever I'm
needed.  Although I am always ready for my friends, I have a fairly limited compatibility with them.
What I’m doing with my life:  Relatively new in town.  I work with
cloud data. 
I’m really good at:  I can read anyone's handwriting, even a doctor's!
I spend a lot of time thinking about:  Getting people to commit!

Cash Drawer & Receipt Printer
My self-summary:  Reliable and get along with pretty much
everyone.  We're pretty quiet and out of the way, so sometimes people forget we are even there.
What I’m doing with my life:  Keeping busy at work!  Even though
we've been at it a while, we still seem to be stuck making copies and making change.
I’m really good at:  Winning at trivia games!  We can provide the
history of every piece of information we've encountered.
 I spend a lot of time thinking about:  Rocking out and jamming!

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