Helios Version 12 is a powerful POS (Point-of-Sale) salon software program for Microsoft Windows. It allows owners to maintain absolute control over all aspects of salon sales and salon inventory while presenting an intuitive and accessible customer checkout process.

Any salon software can claim to increase productivity, improve accuracy and provide greater control over your business, but most salon software programs require expensive initial costs, and lengthy training requirements. Helios 12 removes these barriers with an easy to use, affordable software solution.

Helios Version 12 is a state of the art enterprise-level software to help you meet and achieve your business objectives. This design innovation gives you the flexibility to have your software grow along with your business.

Now when you sign up for Helios Enterprise V12, we will provide our integrated marketing platform Hub Essentials

Hub Essentials is a base package of our New Sunshine Marketing Hub. The Hub is fully integrated with Helios v12 Enterprise Point of Sale allowing you to send marketing emails and texts. With 2000 emails and 200 texts, you can send relevant and timely information automatically to your clients.



Now get Hub Essentials as an added bonus when you sign up for Helios V12. To learn select the "Offerings" tab.

Version 12 Enterprise

Version 12 Enterprise is designed for any number of locations (rooftops). The application that is installed locally uses an internet connection to access the Helios Enterprise Network where the primary application and your business’ data is hosted. Helios maintains regular maintenance routines including application updates and data backups. Additional workstations can be added and will not affect the software cost.

Hardware Compatibility List

Note: No Version 12 installations should be supported on Domains! All networks should beconfigured as Workgroups.

Credit Card Processing

Integrated Credit Card

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