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Helios Version 12.3.0 Update
May 10th 2011 -
  1. Minimum EFT Commitment
  2. Automatic EFT Membership Fee Modification
  3. Early Termination Fee
  4. Flexible EFT Billing Day Options
  5. Automatic EFT Membership Suspension
  6. Additional EFT Modify Options
  7. Extend Membership Logic
  8. New EFT Status
  9. Forms updated with Silverlight Technology
  10. 64-bit Fingerprint Support
  11. Various Bug Fixes

Feature Enhancements

Minimum EFT Commitment

The Sales Code EFT Open option has been expanded to include logic which supports a minimum number of EFT drafts. The new field is labeled Minimum Number of Drafts and establishes a draft counter on the EFT Profile for tracking purposes.

Automatic EFT Membership Fee Modification

The Sales Code EFT Open option includes a new field labeled New Monthly Fee After Minimum Number Of Drafts and works in conjunction with the Minimum Number of Drafts field. After the EFT Membership has completed the Minimum Number of Drafts, subsequent EFT drafts will be submitted at the New Monthly Fee.

Early Termination Fee

The Sales Code EFT Open option includes a new field labeled Early Termination Fee and works in conjunction with the Minimum Number of Drafts field. If an EFT Cancel sales code is used to cancel the membership before the Minimum Number of Drafts is completed, the Early Termination Fee defined at the time of enrollment will be applied unless the EFT Cancel sales code contains an alternative Termination Fee which will override the Early Termination Fee defined at the time of enrollment.

Flexible EFT Billing Day Options

The Sales Code EFT Open option includes new Billing Day logic allowing for multiple Billing Day options to be made available at the time of enrollment. One of three Billing Day policy options can be selected: Any Day of the Month may be selected with a default day presented at the time of enrollment, Select from a Predefined List of Allowed Billing Days, and the enrollment Day of Month to be assigned as the Billing Day.

To compensate for the multiple Billing Day options, the Cutoff Day logic has also been expanded. In addition to the predefined Cutoff Day, a variable Cutoff Day calculated X number of days before or after the selected Billing Day can be determined.

Automatic EFT Membership Suspension

The EFT Post Info screen includes new EFT Suspension logic which supports automatic EFT membership suspension after a specified number of consecutive rejected draft attempts. The new field is labeled # Of Declines To Suspend and establishes a reject counter on the EFT Profile for tracking purposes.

Additional EFT Modify Options

The Sales Code EFT Modify option includes new logic which allows an EFT Modify code to be able to perform the following functions:

  1. Modify EFT Billing Information
  2. Prepay EFT
  3. Increase the Draft Counter defined in the Minimum EFT Commitment logic
  4. Activate or Deactivate the Suspended status for the Automatic EFT Suspension logic

Extend Membership Logic

The Sales Code Package/Membership Intelligence screen has been modified to reflect the Extend Membership logic that has been previously implemented. When the Package option is selected, the Renew Package option will be displayed; when the Membership option is selected, the Extend Membership option will be displayed. Renew Package logic will reactivate any specified packages that have previously expired. Extend Membership logic will postdate the start of the new membership until after the last day of any specified membership.

New EFT Status

The EFT Extraction logic includes a new EFT Status option labeled Suspended and utilizes the EFT reject counter which has been added to the EFT Profile. When an EFT Membership has reached the specified number of declines to suspend, the account will be placed into the Suspended Status. Suspended accounts can be manually submitted but will not be included with the Active accounts.

Silverlight Technology

The following options have been redesigned in Microsoft Silverlight technology:

  1. Employee File
  2. Access Management
  3. Time Clock Management
  4. Inventory File

64-bit Fingerprint Support

The fingerprint scanning devices connected to 64-bit operating systems will now benefit from full functionality of the 64-bit platform with this update. This segment of the update will require user intervention since during the update to the Enterprise Network the fingerprint devices will be temporarily disabled. The updated 64-bit fingerprint driver may be downloaded in advance of the update.

Bug Fixes

The Sales Code start and end date field has been fixed to allow the field to be cleared without subsequently generating an error.

The Sales Code Allow Once XX and Flag Transaction options will no longer be checked by default when a new sales code is created.

The Backoffice Login Username will no longer be cleared after an unsuccessful login attempt.

Access Management rights assignment will no longer require access to the Access Management role in order to add client notes in Backoffice.

Sales Code search functionality in the Sales Code option has been improved to begin searching using the value entered into the Code field. Search functionality also allows for searches by Code or Description.

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