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EFT Best Practices
June 2nd 2015 -

Helios is extremely flexible at allowing EFT and reject submissions, but that flexibility can cause unforeseen costs.
Helios recommends that on your draft day, you clear all of your rejects before making a new submission.  Continually trying to collect rejects from old batches does still cost the origination fee, whether or not you actually collect. 

In the case of this first record, the submission has been rejected seven times.  Repeatedly submitting this is unfortunately losing you money.
To keep credit card processing fees to a minimum, here are some general tips we advise:

  1. Before making a new batch, make sure the resubmit rejects list has been submitted

  2. After completing your monthly draft, don’t immediately resubmit your rejects.  While you may collect from a handful, most of the declines are just going to decline again. Whatever day you submit, we recommend that you submit the first Friday after that, and then again the following Friday. Ideally, no more than two resubmits.

  3. After the two resubmits, if you haven’t collected, go the resubmit screen, and delete the rejects.  When you delete, you’ll be given the option to leave the balance.  We recommend leaving the outstanding balance, as you should be able to collect if the customer ever comes back in.

We hope that these general guidelines can help in minimizing your salon’s costs!

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