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Helios Version 12.3.4 Release for Enterprise
January 4th 2012 -

Scheduled for Release Thursday, January 5, 2012 at 1:00 AM EST.

This is a routine maintenance release containing several new features and bug fixes.

Users Effected

This release will apply to users of Helios Version 12 Enterprise.

Required User Action

There should be no user action required in order to update to this release. The Helios Auto-Updater will receive and apply any required file changes. The Helios Application may need to be closed and restarted in order to complete the update.


Helios Version 12.3.4 Release is a routine scheduled version release containing the accumulation of completed bug fixes. It will be applied as part of the scheduled overnight maintenance routine to begin on Wednesday, January 4 into Thursday, January 5. Maintenance affecting the regular operation of the Helios Application will not begin until after 1:00 AM EST (10:00 PST) in order to avoid impacting subscribers during scheduled operating hours.

New Features

There are no new features being introduced in this release.

Feature Enhancements

  1. Added the Avery 5267 Label option to the Inventory Labels and Inventory Wizard. The Avery 5267 offers the 4x20 label format for inventory barcode labels.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue in which Helios Reports generates a script error when trying to view a report using Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 on a Windows 7 system.
  2. Fixed an omission in Access Management under the Special Permissions in which checking the Deny option on the Modify Client Suspend right does not prevent the client suspend box on client accounts from being selected or deselected.
  3. Fixed an error with Bonus Bucks in which adding bonus bucks with an expiration date to a sales code will not use the specified date but instead will use the number of days if the number of days option is set to 0. Once the Days Valid option for bonus bucks was set then that field was not able to be set back to a null (empty) value.
  4. Fixed an issue with Membership Pricing in which an EFT membership set to begin a membership freeze on a future date would no longer receive membership pricing before the freeze has gone into effect.
  5. Fixed a Step Matrix logic issue in which the Package Step Matrix would use the wrong bed type if the bed types used both the upper and lower case bed type key letters (Bed Type A versus a).
  6. Fixed an arithmetic error in the EFT Resubmit Summary Information in which the wrong total is presented when resubmitting the Rejected EFTs. After a resubmit, the summary information could display more than 100% processed which is not possible.
  7. Fixed a reporting discrepancy in which the date and time stamp of transactions, particularly master edit transactions, would not agree between the client history and the daily sales report as a result of the computer time and the server time being recorded in different time zones.

Known Issues

There are no known issues with this release.

For more Information

For more information regarding this release, please contact Helios Technical Support at 317-554-9911 or support@gohelios.com.

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