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September 22nd 2014 - Helios Version

New Features: 
  • Added Delete Employee role item (user can have access to employee file but not be able to delete employees).
  • New client summary tab in the POS (Service/Product Revenue and Div/Dept Summary).
  • Removed “other" timer options from timer server.
  • Disabled the ability to change amount when swiping a card.
  • Update linked account location when EFT location is changed.
  • Removed the cancel button when prompted for tip or cashback (also, the buttons are now named Tip and Cashback rather than yes and no).
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed suspended transaction void error.
  • Fixed EFT voids(freeze/unfreeze, cancel, upgrade/downgrade).
  • All EFT codes can be voided before payment rolling back any changes. After payment (or ticket was suspended), only EFT open codes can be voided.
  • Fixed split payment bug (cashback/tip).
  • Fixed contract/release bug not saving when clearing client.
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