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Helios Version Update
August 7th 2013 - Helios Version
New Features:
  • A new dynamic equipment configuration option has been added to the Equipment defaults option.  When new or modified equipment is introduced to the salon, the various functions or parameters can be programmed into a new user-definable equipment type which can then be assigned a bed type and display in the package and membership matrix in order that pricing can be assigned to each function the unit(s) can perform.  This option is limited to equipment functions which are designated by the use of a time value, similar to the method in which tanning time is expressed for a single-function unit.  Any functions which cannot be regulated through the T-max® Manager cannot be regulated or separately priced in Helios either.  An example of an unregulated function is the facial lamp option in a tanning bed which is reserved for the customer to regulate themselves from within the unit.
    • If a new equipment type is defined and only one time code function is defined, this equipment type will appear in the Matrix tab of the Package/Membership option.
    • If a new equipment type is defined and more than one time code function is defined, this equipment type will appear in the Matrix Plus tab of the Package/Membership option.
    • In order to provide uniformity, custom equipment types will be applied globally across all locations in order that any shared packages will also display all of the custom equipment definitions IF the location has at least one bed type which is using the custom equipment type.  This follows the assumed nomenclature in which packages viewed at any one location will only display options for the bed types defined at that location even if the original location had more bed types defined.  This should not be an issue for single-location salons since there is no package sharing dynamic being utilized.
Feature Enhancements:
  • A Delay Time field has been added to the Bed Selection Screen which can optionally be modified by the employee to give the customer additional delay time if required.  The delay time value set in the selected room will populate the field automatically but can be overridden by the employee on a per-customer basis; the modification will not amend the equipment defaults.
  • A Package Location field has been added to the Client Profile option in Backoffice which displays which location number is associated with a particular package.  This is relevant in Backoffice only as client and package information is referenced globally in Backoffice.
  • The tabs/screens in the Equipment Defaults option have been renamed to improve the intuitive methodology to the option.  This was performed along with the addition of the Custom Equipment tab.
Bug Fixes:
The Prompt to Update Release has been corrected to properly display the digital release document when the digital signature feature is enabled.  Prior to this update, the Update/Renew Release logic was still attempting to reference the previous version of the release form for print purposes.  There is no affect unless the digital signature feature is being utilized
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