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Helios Version 12.3.9 Release for Enterprise
November 6th 2012 -

Scheduled for Release on November 7, 2012 after 1:00AM EST

This is a routine scheduled version release containing completed feature enhancements and bug fixes.

Users Effected:

This release will affect users of Helios Version 12 Enterprise.

Required User Action:

There should be no user action required for Enterprise users in order to update to this release. The Helios Auto-Updater will receive and apply any required file changes. The Helios Application may need to be closed and restarted in order to complete the update. The Auto-Updater may need Administrator access to the Operating System in order to complete and needs to be run on each workstation. If the Auto-Updater is not running on one or more workstations, you may download it here: https://smartfile.gohelios.com/ftp/fetch/066396cb-bdbf-40d4-8a19-3ad018f93f66/


Helios Version 12.3.9 Release is a routine scheduled version release containing the accumulation of completed feature enhancements and bug fixes. It will be applied to the Enterprise Network as part of the scheduled overnight maintenance routine to begin on Tuesday, November 6 into Wednesday, November 7. Maintenance affecting the regular operation of the Helios Application will not begin until after 1:00AM EST (10:00 PST) in order to avoid impacting subscribers during scheduled operating hours.

New Features:

A prompt will appear when a client profile is searched with a message warning that the credit card on file for an active EFT has an expiration date that is within the next 30 days. This will provide an opportunity to capture the new credit card information at the earlier opportunity in order to prevent any interruption in the membership billing profile.

New options have been added to the System Defaults option which allow the Payment Methods presented at the End of Sale to be customized. Payment methods or card types that you do not accept can be unchecked to prohibit these methods from being used. The options also include payment card types acceptable for EFT enrollments.

A new option has been added to the System Defaults which allows you to require fingerprint verification in order for the client to use Prepaid Dollars.

New features have been added to the Sales Code option which allows the Sales Code to override package settings when selling a package. By double-clicking on a Package that is linked to the Sales Code in the Packages Bought box, a dialog box will appear with options that are found in the Package/Membership option including the quantity, days valid and flex start options. Check the Override box for these settings to supersede the settings defined in the Package/Membership option. This feature was actually released in

A new feature has been added to the Sales Code option which allows you to define limits on the age of an expired package that is allowed to be renewed. By double-clicking on a Package in the Renew Packages box, a dialog box will appear which allows you to specify how old the package can be before renewal of an expired package is no longer an option. This feature was actually released in

Feature Enhancements:

The Reports Module has been modified to launch in a separate application window in order to allow you to toggle between the Reports screen and the Point of Sale screen. There is a 20-minute time-out which will log out the Reports module if it is unattended.

The Backoffice Module has been adjusted to include a 20-minute time-out instead of the previous 5-minute inactivity time-out.

The EFT Management Module has been changed to use Backoffice EFT Module instead of a separate EFT Application Module. The options remain the same – this is simply a step taken to maintain a uniformity of the user experience and reduce the need for duplicate development efforts.

The Role Descriptions in the Access Management module have been revised to provide better designation of the Role’s function. Reporting Roles include the report category, i.e. Sales/Sales by Sales Code indicating that the role applies to the Sales Code report under the Sales category versus Management/Sales Code which indicates that the role applies to the Sales Code report under the Management Category. File Roles include an indicator whether the role will have access to location-specific data or global data which can affect other locations in the group. For instance, access to the Gift Certificate (Location) role will only affect the file associated with the assigned location whereas access to the Sales Code (Global) role will affect the file associated with the assigned location and locations which share the sales codes. Modifications to Global Files will affect other locations as well as the assigned location.

The Client Information Area City address field has been modified to permit the punctuation character ‘ (apostrophe) as it relates to some city names.

The Client Information Area Work Email has been removed. The Home Email field will remain the default email. In the event that an email address exists in the Work Email field and no email address is stored in the Home Email field, the Work Email will be displayed as the default email.

The ability to search for a by sales code by the code description has been added to the F11-Product and F12-Service search windows.

During EFT Enrollment, the payment option will default to credit card OR if the data presented includes an expiration date then the payment option will be reverted to credit card automatically. This will prevent a credit card being accidentally stored with the payment option indicated as a checking or savings account or vice versa and then the EFT draft failing to process the payment.

The EFT Downgrade logic has been improved to allow the current EFT membership rate to remain in effect for another month if the downgrade code is used after the cut-off date. The new EFT membership rate will commence with the following month’s draft. During this period, two EFT billing profiles will exist – the former profile with an end date set to the day before the draft following the next draft and the latter profile with a start date on the day of the draft following the next draft.

The Client ID, Cell Phone and Email address fields have been added to the available merge fields for contracts and release forms.

When clients are on the Wait List, the option has been added to select a specific room number from the wait list and the next client waiting for that room number or bed type will be selected automatically. If the client was added to the Wait List by the TAN code then the time will be issued to the timer automatically; if the client was added to the Wait List manually, the client profile at the Point of Sale screen in order to put the client into the desired room.

The Bed Test option has a new option to test individual room numbers or all rooms.

The Sales Code option has a new option on the Operations screen of Product Sales Codes called Prompt for Inventory. When this option is checked, the sales code will prompt the employee to scan or select the appropriate inventory item from a list. If the inventory item field in the Sales Code contains a list of inventory items, the list presented to the employee will be limited to only those items; otherwise, the entire inventory list will be presented to the employee at the Point of Sale.

The Backoffice Client Profile view has been improved to show expired packages.

A new report has been added which reflects the usage of Point of Sale Referrals. A Point of Sale Referral is generated when the Track Referral option is checked in the Sales Code Operation options.

The EFT Draft Summary Report options have been expanded to include a View Rejects option.

Bug Fixes:

Maestro Card types will be recorded as MasterCard types in order to include these cards in EFT drafts. Prior to this fix, Maestro Cards were represented by their own card type but this card type was not included in EFT draft processing.

The beep associated with pressing the Enter key to advance to the next field has been removed.

The image gallery has been fixed to limit access to images which are only available corporate-wide.

The Wait List has been fixed to understand case sensitive bed type key letters. This is the case if the number of bed types is greater than 26 which requires the use of upper-case and lower-case key letters. Previously, the Wait List only recognized upper-case key letters.

The Sales Code Description field has been limited to accept only 25 characters which is the field limitation. Previously, more than 25 characters could be entered but the entry would be truncated to only store the first 25 characters.

The EFT Rejects database has been fixed to prevent deleted rejects from inadvertently being ‘revived’ and subsequently resubmitted with a future draft.

Known Issues:

There are no known issues resulting from this release.

For more Information:

Helios Technical Support can be reached at 317-554-9911 or support@gohelios.com.

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