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Helios Version 12.3.8 Release for Enterprise
Author: Jeremy Herring
August 22nd 2012 -

Scheduled for Release on August 23, 2012 after 1:00AM EST

This is a routine scheduled version release containing completed feature enhancements and bug fixes.

Users Effected:

This release will affect users of Helios Version 12 Enterprise.

Required User Action:

There should be no user action required for Enterprise users in order to update to this release. The Helios Auto-Updater will receive and apply any required file changes. The Helios Application may need to be closed and restarted in order to complete the update. The Auto-Updater may need Administrator access to the Operating System in order to complete and needs to be run on each workstation.


Helios Version 12.3.8 Release is a routine scheduled version release containing the accumulation of completed feature enhancements and bug fixes. It will be applied to the Enterprise Network as part of the scheduled overnight maintenance routine on Thursday, August 23 beginning after 1:00AM. Maintenance affecting the regular operation of the Helios Application will not begin until after 1:00AM EST (10:00 PST) in order to avoid impacting subscribers during normal operating hours.

New Features:

There are no new features included in this release.

NOTE: A new integrated partnership is currently in development which in a future version release will provide the ability to manage accounts receivable and reconcile collections. While this feature is not yet available to all users, in order to provide real-world testing we have implemented some of the functionality in the production environment. You may notice a new client information flag called In Collections as well as a new Backoffice option called Transworld. Until the feature is released for use by all users, these options will not be functional for any users but the real-world beta testing accounts. A future release notice will announce when this feature is available to all users.

Feature Enhancements:

· The application version numbers have been added to the System Defaults option in Backoffice. Each workstation identity will update to reflect the current Point of Sale application revision on that workstation.

· The Time Clock Management option interface has been updated to use Silverlight and a new function has been added which allows the addition of employee time clock records in addition to the current ability to modify existing time clock records. Previously new time clock records could not be created, only existing time clock records modified.

· The default when viewing EFT Rejects has been changed to display the records unchecked by default. This will prevent inadvertent deletion of all reject records. The Check All button must be used before all records can be selected for deletion.

· An additional warning prompt will appear when attempting to delete an EFT Reject record to confirm that the corresponding EFT balance on the client’s account should also be deleted. This additional warning prompt is designed to prevent inattentive users from inadvertently removing an EFT balance as a result of failure to read the existing prompts.

· The Package Management has been enhanced to permit the use of Day/Time Restriction options in conjunction with Step Matrix packages.

· The Smartmail Extraction logic has been enhanced to differentiate between In-House Charge and EFT Balances.

· ACH (Check) Processing functionality has been available for Zap/CashBack merchant processing users – the check reporting capability has now been added to report the results of ACH batch submissions.

Bug Fixes:

· The F2 Client Search has been fixed to provide search functionality if F2 is used before any client information is entered in the Client Information Area and instead is entered into the Client Search box.

· The Master Edit option has been fixed when an in-house charge balance is modified so that if the balance is blank it will default to zero instead of null.

· The Point of Sale has been fixed to address a certain sequence of events in which a client’s in-house charge balance could be doubled unintentionally. The precise cause of this bug has been identified and fixed.

· The Point of Sale has been fixed to address a certain sequence of events in which a client’s EFT modification could be reverted unintentionally. The precise cause of this bug has been identified and fixed.

· The End Sale logic has been fixed to properly handle certain forms of credit card when the Use Card on File option is selected.

· The End Sale logic has been fixed when Split Payment is selected and one of the payment methods is In-House Charge.

· The End Sale logic has been fixed to allow a negative ticket total in the case of a refund.

· The Sales Receipt has been fixed to display the proper credit card type instead of all credit cards being labeled as VISA.

· The Daily Sales Report has been fixed to display the Employee Name instead of the UserID if the report criterion is restricted to a single employee.

· The EFT Freeze Report criterion has been fixed to include both Freeze Start and Freeze End date fields.

· The Employee File option has been fixed to allow the Client # field to be emptied after a client account has been linked to an employee profile.

Known Issues:

There are no known issues resulting from this release.

For more Information:

Helios Technical Support can be reached at 317-554-9911 or support@gohelios.com.

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