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Helios Version 12.6 Release Notes
May 5th 2015 -

 New Features: 

  • Transworld debt collection integration:  Allows for the use of debt collection on overdue balances.
    Using Helios Version 12 Enterprise, in conjunction with Transworld Systems phased approach to revenue cycle management, you now can have an automated workflow to resolve delinquent EFT declines to increase cash flow and minimize the headaches and costs associated with slow-paying and delinquent clients.
Transworld Systems users enjoy these benefits:
  • Collect more money and increase cash flow with less work.
  • Maintain diplomacy with your customers
  • Automatically identify overdue accounts within your Helios software.
  • Flexible collection program that leaves you in control
Click here to find out more information regarding Transworld Systems


  • Added ability to delete EFT information, membership, and corresponding balance after a certain amount of failed attempts to draft a client.
  • Added ability to flag a sales code as “no discount,” which will override the ability to discount the transaction at the point-of-sale.
  • Added “store name,” “corporate name,” “employee code,” and “employee name” to list of available merge fields for digital documents.
o   @@CorpName@@
o   @@StoreName@@
o   @@EmployeeCode@@ (only works for EFT contracts)
o   @@EmployeeName@@ (only works for EFT contracts)
  • Added ability to view contracts even if the EFT membership has been deleted.
Added an “offline mode” which will allow Helios 12 Enterprise to still function in the event of an internet outage. 

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that was causing Bonus packages given during EFT upgrades to have end dates that would only match the EFT end date.  Now the default end days for the bonus packages are used.
  • Fixed an issue that would not allow checking account EFT account numbers to be master edited.
  • Start at First Name option in System Defaults now works
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