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Mandatory Skin Type Feature
August 14th 2019 -

As the data on customers that salons are required to keep continues to grow, Helios is introducing a new option to make customer’s skin type mandatory. This option logs the skin type, the employee who did the skin typing/received the client’s form, and the date.  Additionally, it adds a new tab on the client profile with a skin type history. If you choose to make the skin typing mandatory, a UV tan can not be set without this field being filled out.

If your state requires your salon to retain this information, or if you simply wish to keep it for your own records, there are a few steps you will need to follow to enable it:

Under Settings->System->Client Profile 2, you will need to select one of the five available User Defined fields for your skin type storage.  You simply need to type Skin Type into one of the fields:

Next, still in Settings->System you will go to the Client Profile 3 tab.  You will need to check the box to enable the requirement, and then select the field for the skin type storage:


Additionally, you can protect yourself and your employees by requiring a password and/or fingerprint verification by the employee saving skin type.  This prevents an employee from possibly saving the wrong skin type if multiple employees are assisting customers.

Finally, you will need to define how you want the skin types displayed.  Under Settings->User Definable Fields.  Click the Create New button, select Skin Type from the drop-down menu, and add your options one by one.  You can add the description, the Fitzpatrick number, or whatever you wish:


Once enabled, when a customer is pulled up, or if a tanning service is attempted with no skin type, the cashier will get this prompt:


Once a Skin Type has been selected, it will display on the client profile and have a log, like this:


We hope this feature is useful and know that we are always working towards assisting you and your salon in every way possible. Thank you for being a valued Helios customer!

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