Helios is designed to meet your business needs both now and for the future. For a single location, Helios 12 Desktop is an ideal solution to put the control and productivity of Helios at your fingertips. For multiple locations, Helios 12 Enterprise is a hosted solution which provides the same control and productivity tools along with better internet accessibility without the expense and headache of managing your own network infrastructure.

Helios also has years of salon industry experience and have come to understand what it takes to accommodate your business. Package and Membership intelligence is designed to accommodate a multitude of different business models and marketing strategies. With more than twenty years of experience in salons, the Helios software has evolved to encompass virtually any scenario and circumstance your business needs may present.


Helios is committed to providing the simplest and most value-conscious integrated solutions to work seamlessly within your business. Technology integration utilizes a variety of industry-leading hardware components while and third-party service providers provide best-in-class integration solutions at competitive prices. Helios is also continuously developing stronger value-added partnerships with integrated solution providers. By choosing to work with a Helios partner, additional automation is achievable and your overall task load is reduced, in addition to the benefit of negotiated rates which may be better than on your own.


When you are away from your business, you are still in control with the Helios Backoffice. Accessible from any internet-accessible location and requiring no software to install, you can administer real-time changes to your data and generate up-to-the-minute reports for printing or to send via email. Access rights are controlled while you are away and carry over from the Point of Sale application to the Backoffice, providing a seamless access management control system.

Helios can also help you stay in touch with your business even when you’re on the go through the Helios Dashboard application, available on your iPad, iPhone or Android mobile device. You can see real-time performance statistics such as Total Sales, EFT Revenue, Client Counts and Employee Sales Averages all in one place.


Helios Point of Sale is designed to guide the user through the sales process by bringing relevant screens and information to the screen when required instead of making users search through various menus and screens to find what they are looking for. Prompts and options will be offered at the appropriate times to makeyour staff more efficient and better prepared to serve your customers with speed and professionalism.

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