Increase productivity and reduce mistakes! The Code Reader Kit w/License Formatting Software - CR 950 barcode scanner makes product sales brisk and error-free. Simply pass any product with a UPC barcode in front of the scanner for a no-keystroke sale. Helios can even print barcodes for products that do not have manufacturer UPC codes! Do you use membership cards or key tags? This new device quickly scans cards or key tags with barcodes to identify your clients eliminating the need to search by name. Increase efficiency by adding new client information as well with the new driverís license scanning feature.* Capture name, address, date of birth and gender while eliminating keystrokes and time with this all-in-one unit!

Hardware not purchased from Helios may not be compliant with our program applications and unfortunately cannot be supported.

*Driver's License scanning feature available with Version 12 only.


Credit Card Processing

Integrated Credit Card

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