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Helios Version 12.3.1 Release for Enterprise
June 21st 2011 -

This is a routine scheduled version release containing completed feature enhancements and bug fixes.

Users Effected

This release will affect users of Helios Version 12 Enterprise only at this time. A secondary release for Version 12 Desktop will be forthcoming.

Required User Action

There should be no user action required in order to update to this release. The Helios Auto-Updater will receive and apply any required file changes. The Helios Application may need to be closed and restarted in order to complete the update.


Helios Version 12.3.1 Release is a routine scheduled version release containing the accumulation of completed feature enhancements and bug fixes. It will be applied as part of the scheduled overnight maintenance routine beginning Tuesday, June 21 into Wednesday June 22. Maintenance affecting the regular performance of the Helios Application will not begin until after 1:00AM EST (10:00 PST) in order to avoid impacting subscribers during regular scheduled operating hours.

New Features

The Client Profile includes two additional fields; Send Text and Bad Cell. These function similar to the Send Mail and Bad Address as well as the Send Email and Bad Email function. When a client’s cell phone number is stored on the client profile, the user may click the Send Text box to ‘opt in’ the client to receive communications from the business via text messaging. Undeliverable text messages can trigger the Bad Cell box which will produce a prompt to verify the cell phone number on the client profile.

The Package/Membership File has been enhanced with a new feature called ‘Bought Store Only’. Previously, this function was intended to be defined by an option in the System Defaults option; however this approach proved inconsistent with the intent of the feature. When a package or membership is indicated to use the Bought Store Only option, the package or membership is available to be shared to multiple locations but when it is purchased it can then only be used at the location where it was purchased. At other locations, the package will be displayed on the client’s account but will be grayed out to indicate it is not available to be used at that location. The client may purchase the same package again for the current location which will then only be available at the purchased location.

Feature Enhancements

The Merchant License Authentication system has been expanded to support two Merchant Licenses: a primary license and an EFT-only license. If the primary license is the only license available, Point of Sale and EFT processing will be performed using this license. If the EFT-only license is the only license available, Point of Sale processing will be unavailable but EFT processing will be performed using this license. If both a primary license and an EFT-only license is available, Point of Sale processing will be performed using the primary license and EFT processing will be performed using the EFT-only license. This allows the subscriber to obtain separate, preferred rate merchant licenses for Retail and MOTO transactions and also supports franchising business models which use a separate Retail merchant license than that used to process EFT transactions.

The underlying EFT submission process has been modified to adopt a batch submission and result procedure which replaces the real-time record-by-record result procedure. In the past, the cause of ‘stuck’ batches was traced back to the intensity of the process when using the previous method of submission. By adopting the batch submission process, the entire EFT batch will be submitted to the credit card processor and held in a queue until it is processed. Upon completion of the process, the batch results will be returned to the application for the user to view.

Bug Fixes

In the past, the Send Mail and Send Email fields would be cleared when the Bad Address and Bad Email fields (respectively) were selected. Subsequently, when the Bad Address and Bad Email fields were cleared, there was no indication if the Send Mail or Send Email addresses were previously selected prior to the change in order to know if the client was actually opted into a particular form of communication. This update will allow both the Send Mail and Bad Address fields to be selected simultaneously as well as the Send Email and Bad Email fields to be selected simultaneously, indicated that while the client information is invalid once it is corrected the client was previously opted into communications. The Smartmail Extraction Wizard will exclude any clients whose Bad Address, Bad Email or Bad Cell fields are indicated even if the associated Send field remains indicated simultaneously.

The F2-Find Client search logic was previously modified to require at least a last or first name search criteria to be entered before results are displayed. The null response message has been updated to avoid confusion. The syntax, “No Results Found” was causing confusion and has therefore been replaced with “Please enter a name to search”.

Certain types of credit cards stored within the EFT Profile may contain spaces resulting in the account being declined. Logic has been added to eliminate the spaces when the credit card is stored during the EFT Enrollment as well as logic to remove any spaces before the credit card is submitted with the EFT batch.

Known Issues

There are no known issues resulting from this release.

For more Information

Helios Technical Support can be reached at 317-554-9911 or support@gohelios.com.

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