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Transactional Notes (Comment Code)

One of the simplest yet most useful types of sales codes you can have is a comment sales code. You may already be familiar with client notes but these are linked back to the client profile, not referential to a particular transactional event. The comment code allows an employee to provide details and/or context regarding a particular sale/transaction.

To create a comment code, simply create a simple sales code, for example C'. The description can say "enter comment here' and the Description Type should be Variable. Mark the sales code type as Miscellaneous and assign the code to a non-revenue division and department (it has no revenue impact). There's no need for any price or tax. That's it!

Now when an employee has to take steps that need further explanation, they can explain their actions with one or more comment codes. These will appear on the Daily Sales report and in the client's history.

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