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Automated EFTs in Helios V12 Enterprise
October 18th 2019 - With Helios V12, you now have the option of automating your EFT submissions.  Whether you bill once a month, multiple days, or every day, you can set up the software to handle the submissions for you.

Under Management->EFT, or in Backoffice under File Maintenance->EFT Management, go to the Auto-EFT Settings Tab:

To enable this feature, all you have to do is check “Enable Automated EFT’s.” 

The automation starts running at 6 am EST. For your batches to be included, this has to be enabled before that time.  By default, the automated batches only include active EFT’s.  If you wish for Frozen customers to be billed, check the “Include Frozen” checkbox.  Once you have enabled Automated EFT’s, you cannot manually create EFT batches.  If you wish to make a manual EFT submission, you would need to uncheck the feature.

If you also wish to have rejects automatically submitted, you can do that too!  

Simply check the box to enable “Submit Rejects Automatically,” and set how many days after the initial EFT draft for rejects to be resubmitted.  The Automated Rejects will only submit once, but you are free to submit them as you wish.

Thanks again for your continued support!  We appreciate you, and continue to work towards making Helios the best software for you!

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